Whose phone number is this - who does it belong to?

Whose phone number is this - who does it belong to?  If you want to reveal the identity of the person calling you then this can help!

Why can't I find out whose phone number is this for free?  It is simple.  You have to play to play for the most part.  In this day and time privacy is almost a thing of the past, right?  Wee, cell phone number, and owners' identities are one of the few things not made public knowledge as of yet.

There are many people who love the fact that their personal information is hidden when they call someone.  It is a level of protection and anonymity that many cherish.  Well, how do these lookup service gather their information?

That is a good question.  Have you ever heard of pandora's box?  Well...

Pandora's box is a situation where once you open the box or get into the situation it is extremely difficult to close it or stop the effects of the situation and they just keep growing or causing problems.  I would explain it to a young individual by using the example of how man thinks they are God. Once you assume you are it, that there is nothing greater in the universe than yourself, this is where the problems begin. 

Man was lying before he began to speak.  Man started forecasting those lies into the future with the advent of the written word.  Man engaged in all forms of wrong doing against his fellow man.  Man splits the atom and kills 200,000 people within seconds.  Man sprays poison on crops, poisons water supplies, animals and himself.  Man tampers with the environment and atmosphere and destroys earth's ability to support life using geoengineering and weaponized weather warfare.  Man creates AI (artificial intelligence) which is more intelligent than man.  AI classifies mankind as a pest and exterminates mankind. 

This is what a pandora's box is.  Putting an end to man playing God is extremely difficult if not nearly impossible.  This is why handling any type of pandora's box situation has to be done with care.  The best action to take once you realize this is the type of situation you are facing would be to never open the box or release the event into motion to begin with.  In these situations it is always best to take the time to reflect upon just what type of influence your actions are going to produce, prior to taking any action.  The simplest solution is not to do anything with it and leave it alone. 

Also, it might be helpful to remember that if this pandora's box situation exists for you, it might also exist for others who encounter it in the present or future.  You may want to warn those around you of your discovery before they unleash a world of problems by accident.  It is the wise thing to do.

Whose Phone Number is this by Area Code

000 - International or Telemarketer, 202 - D.C. District of Columbia, 206 - Seattle Washington, 208 - Boise Idaho, 209 - Stockton California, 215 - Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 216 - Cleveland Ohio, 217 - Springfield Illinois, 239 - Fort Myers Florida, 254 - Waco Texas, 262 - Milwaukee Wisconsin, 301 - Silver Spring Maryland, 310 - Beverly Hills CA, 311 - Fake or Fictitious area code (In many US cities if you call 311 it will connect you with your county customer service line), 312 - Chicago IL, 316 - Wichita Kansas, 317 - Indianapolis IN, 337 - Lafayette Louisiana, 323 - Los Angeles California, 347 - Brooklyn New York, 405 - Oklahoma City OK, 407 - Orland Florida, 412 - Pittsbugh PA, 410 - Baltimore MD, 415 - San Francisco CA, 419 - Toledo Ohio, 423 - Bristol Tennessee, 425 - Bellevue WA, 470 - Atlanta GA, 501 - Little Rock Arkansas, 506 - New Brunswick Canada, 509 - Spokane WA, 510 - Oakland CA, 512 - Austin Texas, 541 - Eugene OR, 573 - Columbia Missouri, 580 - Lawton OK, 611 - (Another fictitious area code not representing a specific area), 697 - Mexico

What some people who ask "whose phone number is this" really want to know?

Ok, I'm going to address the elephant in the room, for many. Tons of people are searching "whose phone number is this" after they've found it in a loved one's call log on their phone.  How is it that you stumbled upon this number?

The main reason that I cheated on my wife is because I was unhappy.  We had been married about five years at the time, and all the excitement and love had died down tremendously.  My wife and I had grown apart and the person that I was living with and sleeping in the same bed as seemed to be a stranger.  It was a really sad and the most awkward time in our life. 

When we were initially dating and for the first couple years of our marriage, we had a very healthy sex life.  I am a person that needs love and affection and she was as well.  Then she went through a bout of depression and never fully recovered.  It put a wedge between us.  I tried to be as supportive as possible, but I didn't fully understand and I knew that she came to resent me for that.  So with this in mind, I was at a bachelor's party in Chicago and met a beautiful and sexy woman who took me back to her hotel room. 

It was a no strings attached situation and I never contacted her after.  I also never told my wife.  Shortly there after we got divorced.  We both knew that there was something wrong with the relationship.  I don't think she ever found out, I'm not sure there would have been a way for her to find out (my friends certainly were not going to tell her).  Once I got a taste of what sex should be like again (like it was at the beginning for my wife and I), going back home was disappointing.

Is He or She cheating on me?

Is he or she cheating on me?

Hi, this is Andrea Edwards.  I manage this blog and although this page has nothing to do with saving dimes and time or Aldi, I think it is necessary. 

My online journey actually became very real when I was faced with this very question. While I won't go in to more detail, other than to let you know that me and my husband are still married at the time I write this, I will give you this fact.  The second leading cause of divorce in America is finances! Marriage.com article

That article states the number one reason for divorce is infidelity and the second reason is finances.  I dare to state that both of these reasons are connected for most Americans.  The average household income in the US is approximately $55,000.  This is not nearly enough to feel safe and secure in most cities in America.

What do people do when they feel insecure?  They do something to make them feel powerful, strong, in control, and to cause a some hurt to the other person in their situation that helped/caused/allowed them to wind up in this position in the first place.