What does Aldi carry?

What does Aldi carry?  Here is a list of common items you can find at this supermarket.

Hey, you may have been really worried about money lately, and I wanted to suggest shopping more at Aldi. I usually go to the one in Chantilly, but there may be another one closer to you.

Aldi is a big German grocery store chain that started expanding into North America a few years ago, and they have fantastically good prices on a lot of basic grocery items and packed foods. They have an especially good selection of meat, cheeses and produce, most of it less than you’d find at Safeway or Giant.

Produce selection may not rival that at Asian grocery stores, but the quality is high and the prices are excellent. Same goes for meat — you can pick up some very good burgers, steaks, chicken breast, etc for very little money. They’re one of my go-to locations whenever I have a cookout or want to grill something.

The cheese selection is at least as good as any of the more high-end grocery stores, and the alcohol selection is fantastic as well, with many unique items I have yet to find anywhere else. The frozen foods section has a wide variety of common favorites, as well as some unique items, especially among the deserts — I love the small cheesecake bites they sometimes have.

The frozen pizza selection is respectable, and they have excellent frozen meats and vegetables. The grocer also usually has a wide variety of affordable and high quality pasta products, which is good since you and I both practically live on pasta! There are lots of sauces and seasonings to go with your main items, too. The company is very careful to cut costs on staff and bells-and-whistles spending, and they pass the costs on to customers.

The first time I went, I was a tad put off by things like the quarter-deposit you have to put on grocery carts and the relative lack of employees wandering the floor, but my annoyance vanished when I got to the cash register — they really are much more affordable and a better value for the money than any grocery store I’ve ever been in, and I know this last year has been tight for you, so it would help you stretch your budget farther.

How much do you save shopping there? I figure I save at least 50-60 dollars a month by shopping there. Aldi usually has some pretty unique baked items and candies imported from Germany — they have stolen and other German seasonal pastries and cookies available, and I am particularly partial to their chocolate selection, which includes Cadbury and other European brands.

They also frequently features unique, useful household goods, ranging from grills to cushions to food storage options. These items can be great purchases, but you have to get them while they’re in stock — I’m still annoyed with myself for not buying a second folding seat from Aldi back when I bought the one I still use in front of my computer desk!

Anyways, I hope this is useful to you. I know Aldi isn’t a household name where you live, but it really is a great place to get your groceries. They take the need to give you the best value and lowest prices very seriously, while still providing high quality products and unique specialty items.