Rotisserie chicken at Aldi

Do they sell rotisserie chicken at Aldi? What can you pick up for dinner tonight at this grocery store?  Well, if you live here in Maryland you will not find those delicious, turned to a golden brown, juicy poultry filled containers for sale.  There are cold cut platters available, all of the salads (potato, macaroni, traditional garden,etc), and oven ready pizzas that cook in 12 to 14 minutes but no rotisseried white and dark meat.

So who does sell them?  You can usually find some "cooked birds" at Giant, Shoppers Food Warehouse and Safeway. How much does it cost?  The price ranges from $6.99 up to $9.99 depending on which store you visit.  I do know that Safeway sells the roasted whole chickens at 50% off if there any left for the day after 8pm.