Online Shop Club

Now, this is not the regular price, but if you do join online shop club for $1 what can you buy?  Get a sneak peek at the goodies you can get delivered to your door every here!

My husband and youngest son have very sensitive skin.  I mean, VERY sensitive.  I used Downy Unstopables in our laundry a few years back for about a week.  It was only a week because it gave hum such a bad allergic reaction that he was scratching himself raw by the end of the week.  That is when I did an in depth analysis of what he and I had done differently over the last week and pin pointed it down to the Downy Unstopables.

As a baby, my youngest son was allergic to diapers.  I mean every brand of diaper you can think of, from the most expensive to the cheapest.  It took me months to find something that didn't cause him to scratch at his hips.  It ended up being Pull-Ups.  So, I had a baby, who was know where near being ready to potty train, wearing pullups because that is the only option that didn't irritate his skin.

If you are a mom, you know that pull ups are not made to hold as much as diapers are.  So we had a lot of "accidents/leakage" and ruined more baby clothes than my twins did.  So for this reason, I am very careful with the cleaning and laundry products I use for my family.

The cleaning and laundry products I buy from my online shop club do not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and the like. The bar soap is french milled, which essentially means it lasts longer, due to the pressing and concentration process used in making it.  The bars are also bigger than what you'll find at Walmart, Costco or Sam's Club and the scents are out of this world!  I am very found of the Platinum Bar which makes me feel like I am showering in the rain forest on a beautiful morning and all is right with the world.

Do you like smell goods?  Are you a fan of Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop?  Well, the fragrances that I get delivered to my door from my online shopping club have something for everybody. It doesn't matter if you like a light scent, or something stronger, none of them contain parabens, formaldehyde, or phthalates.

I started off with their home conversion kit last month.  Here is a video showing all of the goodies I received with my $99 starter pack.

I must admit, I love te way the cleaning products smell.  This is an update as of 12/3/2018.  You have got to try their holiday scents.  I re-upped on Solumel and ordered the Cinnamon Spice scent.  It was an absolute dream to smell as I cleaned for Thanksgiving.  I also picked up the room spray which I love but my 7 year old doesn't.  Kids can't always appreciate aromas, but who doesn't walk in to a room that smells like Starbucks during the fall or winter?

Common shop club questions?

  1. Is there a monthly fee for the online shop club?  No.  You pay only once per year, and a very small amount, and you gain 12 months of access.
  2. Do you have to purchase products every month?  Yes, but don't you