Is there an Aldi near me?

Is there an Aldi near me?  If you are traveling or recently moved trying to find the closest grocery store in your area we can help!

You can find the city you are interested in and click on the link for more details. 

Yes, this economical grocery store does have locations in...

Myrtle Beach - 2625 Beaver Run Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29575

Texas - Yes, over 100!  You can search on their website here: Aldi in Texas

Is there an Aldi at these Locations?

Is there an Aldi at these locations below?  The answer is NO.  Sorry.

Alaska, Arizona, Branson (MO), Colorado Springs, Denver, Destin, Hawaii Las Vegas, Maine, Oregon, Pensacola, San Diego, Savannah, Washington State,

Aldi Shopper Tips

Aldi grocery stores are my preferred supermarkets to shop at. I usually shop there 2-3 times a week. Most trips are for a small number of items but I try to do my main hauls bi-weekly were I purchase groceries to last my family for approximately two weeks.

I shop there for a family size of 2. I not only buy most of the food stuffs for me and my partner  but also for my pet. I buy premium dog food for my lab, Ritchie, at a lower price than even pet supplies stores.  At Aldi, we buy everything from dairy, produce, deli, meat, frozen foods, dry foods and cereals as well as staples such as dry rice and beans.

I also buy household items from there. My favorite recipe made from products bought at Aldi is stir fried chicken with white rice. Another recipe that I enjoy making is chicken tostadas.  The reason I prefer Aldi over other grocery stores is because of the quality and the price. They have great quality items and often also carry name brand item for less than other supermarkets.

I estimate that I save around 100-200 dollars a month shopping at Aldi versus Meijer or Walmart. Another reason I prefer them is because they have specialty lines dedicated to vegetarian, vegans, healthy foods, organic foods, and baby foods and supplies (diapers, baby wipes, lotions, etc) for great prices.

I highly recommend this store to single people and families who want to save money on food by not paying more for name brand items. Other ways that I recommend saving money is to use coupons for items that are non-grocery related. I clip coupons and use rebate apps to help save cash or get money back.

Large purchase items, such as kitchen appliances and cookware, I buy only when I come across sales. Another form of earning cash that I use is paying for all necessary expenses with my rewards credit cards. I maintain a discipline not to purchase unnecessary items and use my credit card to pay bills, buy groceries, and buy any thing that I absolutely need for myself, my husband or my household.

I make sure to pay off my credit card as soon as the charges hit the credit card, this way I don't accumulate debt and instead save money. With this strategy I have earned approximately 1,000-2,000 dollars in the last two years.
The last method I recommend to bring in extra income is to find a flexible part time job to supplement income.

Working an extra 20 hours a week in the past has increased my income by 300-400 dollars a month. It may not seem like a ton of money but if you put it in a savings account it adds up quickly. Speaking of savings accounts, I make sure to have a interest savings account where I keep most of my savings. I currently use Ally Bank, which pays over 1% on your savings each month.

I am always looking for ways to earn and save more money to reach my financial goals. My strategy has always been to research different ways that I can accomplish this and implementing those saving and earning techniques.