Is Aldi cheaper?

Is Aldi cheaper than your local grocery store? I jave sme tips for you whether you shop at Giant, Safeway, Walmart or Costco. Get your inside tips for shoppers who like to save a dime here!

Hi there.  Andrea here coming to share some of the things I have found at a lower price every since this discounted grocer moved in to my neighborhood here in Silver Spring, MD.

First of all, the thing that you will most likely always find at a lower price is fruit.  Hands down they have the best everyday deals compared to everyone is within 10 miles.

Now you may have one of their competitors like Shoppers Food Warehouse or Giant beat them during one of their giveaway sale items during the summer, like grapes at .99 per pound, but that is rare.

Dairy is another big part of our food budget where I can spend less money at this store. If you are not a stranger to gallons of milk, blocks of cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, and bags of shredded sharp, mild, italian or mexican cheeses then you are in luck!

These are the prices I have set to memory just because of my frequent trips and the teachings my mother instilled in me as a little girl.

8 ounce blocks - $1.69

12 oz bags - $1.99

16 oz bags - $2.49

2 pound bags - $4.99

The eight ounce blocks come in most varieties including: mild, sharp, extra sharp, and vermont cheddar, mozarella, swiss, pepper jack, and colby.

The twelve once bags come in itallian lend, mexican, swiss, guyvre, and mild & sharp cheddar.

The one pound (16 oz) bags come in mild and mozarella only. (at least in my local store)

The two pound bags (24 oz) come in mozzarella, and mild & sharp cheddar only.

How one Aldi shopper saves money in other ways

In my household, we love to shop at Aldi because it lets us find foods we love for so much less than we would pay at other stores. There's lots of fresh produce, and their meats are always high quality and fresh. I also love shopping there because they have some food items you do not find anywhere else.

There is a great selection of unique foods that we love to pick up and try. We are only a household of 2, me and my fiance, but we are trying to save to buy our first home so saving money is so important. This grocery store is also great because the store itself is not as large as a conventional supermarket. I can go shopping with kids or other people and worry less about them wandering off into a massive grocery store, and all of the employees are so helpful that I would not worry much if someone were to walk off, because they are always willing to lend a helping hand if we need. One of my favorite recipes I have started making since shopping at Aldi is a lasagna roll recipe. I buy lasagna noodles, sauce, cheese, and bread rolls at Aldi and make some super easy rolls, and I freeze them so I can have them ready for an easy dinner any time. Then I pull them out of the oven and put them into the oven, and let them bake until the cheese is golden and bubbly. I also discovered a great cheesy bread that comes prepackaged at Aldi, it makes a fantastic snack for a movie night with the family or any occasion where you want something quick that you can just throw in the oven and not worry about cooking. Another way that we like to save money going to Aldi is saving our bags and keeping them in the back of the car. That way we are always prepared for a stop at the store, and we do not have to pay for more bags. Although they are not expensive, saving a few cents at a time adds up pretty quickly when you are going shopping multiple times in a short period of time. We also like to save money by carpooling places whenever we can. We both own cars, but when we are going to work around the same time, we like to drive together and try to save gas. That way we are not filling up the cars as often, and over time we save money on repairs from not putting as many miles on our cars. Things like that are small changes that might not seem as very substantial, but they can add up over time. I also started saving some extra money by downloading some grocery coupon apps. These types of apps let you pick the items you are already going to be buying, then upload your receipt or proof of purchase, and you get cash back that you can save and redeem for gift cards to stores. This is a very easy thing, but it has really made a difference in saving us money, especially when we can make a whole shopping trip on gift cards from our coupon apps.