Green detergents vs Conventional detergents

What is the difference between green detergents vs conventional detergents?  Which one is better for your laundry needs? While this is a personal decision you have to make for yourself the most significant difference between the two products is the number of harmful chemicals used in the traditional liquid as opposed to the biodegradable option.

Here is a list of the ingredients you will find in your typical "orange bottle" you can find n just about every supermarket shelf in America:

alcohol, amylase, borax, calcium diformate, citric acid mea salt, citric acid sodium salt, diethylene glycol, dimethicone & simethicone, dtpa (sodium salt), ethyl hexyl stearate, fluorescent brightener, fragrance,  hydrogenated castor oil, lauramine oxide, lauric acid sodium salt, liquitint dye, mannanase, myristic acid sodium salt, oleic acid sodium salt, palmitic acid sodium salt, poly siloxanes, polyethyleneimine ethoxylate, polyethyleneimine ethoxylate propoxylate, propylene glycol, protease, siloxanes & silicones, sodium alcohol ethoxylate sulfate, sodium alcohol sulfate, sodium cumeme sulfonate, sodium formate, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid sodium salt

Here is a list of the ingredients you will find in the Ecosense brand sold by the online shop club.

While living at our old apartment, my wife and I were told of news that my brother was having a child with his wife. After giving birth to Kennedy, my niece, my sister-in-law started to use products that were environmentally friendly. These ranged from household cleaning sprays, carpet cleaners, or even laundry detergent.

While we were visiting I had noticed the laundry detergent they were using, and commented on how 'fresh' it smelled. They informed me that they switched over to green products that would cause a smaller impact on the earth and their living situation in general.

The product they used, and the one we now use in our home, is called Mela Power. It is a concentrated laundry detergent that is safer for the individual using it, and the earth as well. It cost us a little more at first, than the generic laundry detergent, as expected, but it did not cost more than the name brand stuff like Tide or Gain.

We also noticed that the quality was extremely increased. Our laundry was cleaner to the touch, smelled 'fresher' and it also, as I have guessed, had a better impact on our water filtration system. After getting used to the new product, we noticed a great improvement that the other brands didn't have. Maybe this was a side effect of earth friendly products, but we noticed that we could use a significantly lower amount of the detergent to get the same desired affect.

Overall, our purchase of this product greatly improved our lives, and the other effect of this product comes from the confidence that we know that we are helping to lower our ecological footprint and that we won't be risking exposure to any unknown and harmful chemicals.

After coming across the detergent and making the switch, we have decided to move to other household supplies as well. You may not know it, but bleach and ammonia are some of the most harmful chemicals you can breathe in and we were doing it with our weekly cleaning.  We have swapped out our Clorox for safer, natural cleaners from our online shop club.

Our goal with the move is to provide a safe place where my wife and I can have children who are not only improving the environment, but can make health conscious decisions regarding more than just diet and personal health, but the health of those around us. I am extremely confident that we have made the right decision.