Does Aldi take ebt cards?

Does Aldi take ebt cards for payment? If you use food stamps can you buy your groceries at this market?  Well...

The Aldi that I normally shop at is located in Guntersville, AL and they do accept ebt/food stamps/snap cards. I usually save an average of $40 every week by shopping there for some items.

For the items that Aldi does not sell, I usually shop for them at Walmart or Publix. Some other ways I save money are by using coupons that I get both out of the newspaper and mailers I get.  Some of the coupons that I download from the internet from various coupon sites and even directly from the manufacturer and then print out.

I also use multiple rebate program apps such as Ibotta and Checkout 51 to save money on my grocery shopping bill. I usually go through the mailers and sales papers I get in the mail every week from all of my local grocery stores in my area. I log on to the stores' websites to compare the prices of what I need and what coupons I have and plan to use that week. Then I go shop at the different establishments so I can get the most groceries for the smallest amount of money.

I try to shop at supermarkets that have loyalty discount cards as well so I can save more money on top of using my coupons. My favorite are the ones where you can load certain coupons to the card itself, so when you use it at the register it automatically applies them, which means there is less for me to keep up with.

I would love to have the opportunity to save money or make money by having my groceries delivered to my door. I have 3 children and it's hard to keep up with them while going to multiple grocery stores and using various coupons and rebate program apps and getting them in and out of my vehicle and the store.