Does Aldi sell wine?

Does Aldi sell  wine? Are red, white and sparkling wines sold by this grocery giant?  Uncover the truth here! You just may be one of the lucky ones who live in an area where you can pick up a bottle or two the next time you go on a run for some milk or bread.

If you drink wine and have an Aldi store near you, then you probably already know that they have an extremely wide selection of wine. Red, white, rose, sparkling and even specialty wines. This supermarket literally has it all and the best thing about it is they remain one of the cheapest places to get good quality spirits.

I have always been a fan of wines that go well with meat or pasta. One of my most loved bottles is called Stormchaser which is a Red blend and runs about eight dollars down at my local store. Most liquor stores around my area sell it for upwards of fifteen dollars. When it comes to price very few stores can hold a candle to Aldi.

About three times a month the store does have specials on different wines and since I started my diet a few months back I've been able to find good wines to pair with my foods. I think we can all agree that chicken is pretty much the only meat you can really have a lot of when on a diet.

So now when I am in a mood for a glass of white I'll get myself a bottle or two of Landshut Riesling. I actually didn't discover it until a couple of months ago. It's an awesome fruit blend that pairs with chicken or fish, also it's pretty light on the calories so you won't feel too guilty about having a glass or two.

One of the best ways to save money with Aldi is simply to buy in bulk. Aldi has some of the best prices around and will often rival more mainstream stores like Walmart or Target. In fact, buying bulk from this market has actually proven to be cheaper than buying from major bulk stores like Costco and Sam's Club.

I'd estimate you would probably save an extra two hundred dollars each month. This is from a guy who needs to buy healthy foods which we all know cost more. On the flip side of the coin, I have decided to stop purchasing sugary foods and drinks totally. I do have to make more trips to the store since 90% of my shopping list is fresh foods but I also save a ridiculous amount of money from cutting out all the junk foods.

Another good way to save some money is by weighing your food. Most markets have a butcher's corner and have pre-packaged meats. It's always a good idea to go up to a butcher and ask them to weigh the package. Nine out of ten times it will be underweight and overpriced. Now since they weighed it in front of you they have to adjust the price! 

I learned that little trick a year ago when a guy was complaining about the same situation. This brings me to my last point on saving money. Purchase your food for the week and make sure all of it's gone before going back to the store. Not only do you save money, but you also cut down on wasted food products. For instance, instead of buying a gallon of milk pick up a half gallon instead. It's much better to run out of food than have it all spoil.