Does Aldi sell organic chicken?

Does Aldi sell organic chicken breasts, wings, and thighs, oh my?  Can you get poultry that is cage free, never given antibiotics, and vegetarian fed at this supermarket?  The answer is YES!

Aldi Organic Chicken

The Aldi brand is called "Simply Nature".  The products they sell include whole chickens, boneless skinless breasts, and tenderloins.  They also offer organic chicken sausage links in both apple and italian varieties.

I shop at an Aldi grocery store because they have the same quality foods there as the higher priced stores. They pay their employees a good wage; not minimum. Those employees are required to wear many hats as an employee. They all check and stock and do whatever is required to keep it running smoothly there. You rarely have to wait long in line there. They keep it moving and are aware of how many people are waiting.

My Aldi store is within ten minutes of my house in Wood River, Illinois, and has a nice large parking lot. They also use a system of carts that lets you put in a quarter for a cart and then retrieve that quarter when you return the cart. I am sure that helps them keep costs down by saving on not having employees having to do it regularly and consistently.

The store is small enough that anyone can navigate it and find what they're looking for. It's also large enough to have almost anything you need. Since I'm living by myself right now, it's important to try and cut costs wherever possible. I'm also a senior so there are many programs available to help with housing costs, etc. It pays to seek them out and use them.

Nothing is fancy or pretentious at Aldia. It's just the bare necessities and not many frills. Although they do sometimes have special items that are for sale pretty cheap which is a nice perk. Aldi's employees are very helpful. I would say I probably save around $50 per month shopping there.

The fruits and vegetables are of good quality and I use them in salads for inexpensive and healthy meals. Their dairy section alone is worth making a trip there because the items, such as eggs, milk, yogurt, etc., are consistently more inexpensive. Checking unit prices on items can help you save money. It can be useful to buy larger quantities at times. And if you find something on sale, stock up. You can keep extras on hand for when you need them.

Other ways I save is by turning off lights when I leave a room, keeping the heat low in winter and high in summer. I recycle as much as I can, including selling aluminum cans, and try not to waste anything. I usually incorporate trips when I drive so that I'm making fewer trips. This can save quite a bit on gas.  I drive close to the speed limit to conserve gas and avoid changing lanes and passing as much as possible. I use a gas card to save money on gas and I go where the gas is cheaper. Washing large loads and less frequently. I dry things outside when it's nice and inside when it's not. They dry on their own and it's much cheaper than using the dryer, although I do use it sometimes. You can use way less detergent in your machine than they call for.

You can also use way less shampoo than they call for. As for printing, I reuse my paper so that both sides can be used. I use rags that can be washed and reused when I'm cleaning up spills or just generally cleaning. I rarely use paper towels because that's an unneeded expense to use them all the time. Keep your dryer vent lint free. It helps it to run efficiently and avoids the possibility of a fire.

I personally work at some online sites to earn some extra money and I have a part-time job as well. Keep all avenues for earning open and don't stop looking. If you have friends that you can talk to for more money saving tips, ask them. And don't forget there are many sites that offer options to save.