Does Aldi sell flowers?

Does Aldi sell flowers?  Whether it be Mother's Day, graduation, Father's Day or "kiss and make up day" can you get your petals from this grocer?

Does Aldi sell flowers?

The Aldi's I shop at (Killingly, CT) does sell flowers. They are cheaper then regular stores for flowers. I have never personally bought the flowers so I can not testify if they last as long or not.
In my house to save money we have a strict budget. We cut out cable and only have Netflix and Hulu. We shop mainly at Aldi’s which saves a TON. I coupon also so sometimes I can get stuff cheaper by couponing at another grocery store. But even if I have to buy everything at Aldi’s it is within my budget.

Meal planning helps a lot. I look at the local ads for grocery stores to see what meat is on sale. Then I see if it is cheaper than Aldi’s or not. Either way I make a meal plan based on the sale meat. This way I can buy in bulk which is cheaper. Whatever I do not use I freeze until I need it again.

I always look at mark down meats. Most of the time they are either going to be sold that day or the next day. So I stock up and freeze them.  I invested in a deep freezer for extra meat. It is a life saver some days. Say I am sick and didn't get a chance to meal plan. Or I was supposed to throw something in the crock pot, but forgot. I can just go grab some meat out of the freezer and throw a supper together.  I only buy in season produce so it is cheaper.

We keep all our soda cans and bottles. Every now and then my husband and kids will take them to cash in. If we are in need of money at the moment we use that. If not we put it in a jar. Or sometimes we use it to do something fun with the family.

I have shop sales off season for next years clothes. If for some reason I have to shop during the current season we shop at thrift stores. I never shop without a coupon or discount of some sort. I will not shop online if I have to pay shipping. You can almost guarantee find a discount code for any place you are shopping online. If you are in store ask a cashier sometimes they have extra coupons for you.

We do not go on expensive week long vacations every year. Instead we take smaller short trips(mini vacations) more local. We can drive so we save on plane tickets. We try to plan somewhere that has several things to do in the area. We always use discount sites to book our lodging or we plan a trip around going to see family and stay with them.

Any extra change we have we throw in a bank that we have it home. You don't realize how much change adds up.

We signed up for the program at our bank that rounds up any purchase you make and it deposits the difference in our savings account(example we spend $1.50 it round up to $2. So that .50 is put into our savings account.

Snapped this pic on one of the rare occasions that they Aldi flowers in stock!

What day of the week does Aldi get fresh flowers delivered?

This will vary depending on where you live, but my local store gets the fresh cut stems on Wednesday each week.

How much are they, what is the price?

They cost $3.99 here in Maryland, but from what I can find online, this is pretty much what they charge across the country.  The bouquets are pretty decent and are comparable to what you would find at places like Giant Food or Safeway for $8-$10.  Keep that in mind the next time Teacher's Appreciation or Mother's Day comes around.

Does Aldi sell flowers by delivery to your door?

They do not deliver unfortunately.  But you can use a 3rd party source like Instacart to get any available item that they have for sale delivered.  I am an affiliate with Instacart and if you do join their program through my link I receive a small commission.  This is one of the ways I earn my dimes.