Does Aldi sell charcoal briquettes for your grill?

Does Aldi sell charcoal briquettes to keep your grill hot and your bbq smoking? gives you the scoop on the little black balls of heat here!

If Aldi does sell charcoal in your area please let us know which location you found some below!

Have you ever gotten in your car, drove to the store for ONE thing, get there, and discover they don't sell the item you need?  Well, I have too.  That is why this blog was started, to save you time.

If you live anywhere in the Maryland/DC area Aldi does NOT sell charcoal.  Ask me how I know?  I took a wasted trip last summer to the store myself!

Don't worry though.  You can find reasonably priced bags of briquettes at Shoppers, Giant, Safeway, Food Lion, Wegman's, CVS and the like.  If you want to make sure they have some in stock you can call any of them up and ask the employee who answers to check for you.  They are almost always willing to do this. 

Aldi cuts some corners that other supermarkets don't, but that is how they are able to give you such deep discounts.  If you catch them when they announce it in the Aldi Insider flyer you can also get a good deal on a new gas grill too.

How Aldi shoppers save in other ways

I shop at several places to do my grocery shopping, the main place being publix however I also shop at Aldi. I would say at that for things that are just grab and go items such as pasta, or canned goods, this supermarket can be extremely beneficial for someone trying to save money and not have to waste a lot of time at the store.

Aldi is able to provide such low prices because they do not sell name branded products, and also do not have nearly as many employees as someone like Publix or Wholefoods, thus there payroll is kept low and thus their prices are kept quite low, which is nice for the consumer who is not looking to over pay for their groceries.

They can be good for an array of people such as college students or a newly single parent looking to save on money and not have to be too far into their budget on groceries alone! (which many people are often way over budgeting for grocery in my opinion) A single mom cannot be hung op on things like spending hundreds upon hundreds on groceries when she can get a similar quality at a much cheaper price! This leaves more money in her pocket for the important things like clothing, toys, and literature for her child. A child's experiences are more important than which brand of fish shaped cheese crackers they enjoy.

It is essential, ultimately, that the mother is capable of finding herself in a good position to afford the things her child needs while developing and not wasting it on name branded items when the equivalent is just as good (or in some cases even better!) some things a mother can do at home, to earn extra income is to stay productive in her own life! Do not put your life on pause due to the fact that you've got a child.

It's essential that the child is looked after and provided for, obviously. However a mother needs to look after and provide for herself and her needs as well. If said single mother stays productive and finds lucrative, relatively basic ways to invest her time and money, such as retail arbitrage through fulfillment by amazon, or private lining an item on amazon, she can earn substantial extra income and make far more money than she ever thought she could have otherwise. Eventually, after enough self education, she will be able to learn passive income and make money on the side without doing much or any work at all! THAT is the ultimate goal all people should share, to earn money without working.

It all begins with hard work, dedication, and proper time allotment in the beginning stages of any endeavor, but it will all be worth it in the end. It is essential to remember everything takes longer than you think. You will not start earning money from your online business overnight, your retail arbitrage won't make you a millionaire tomorrow. But one day, you will wake up and find you have all of the things you want, material things and the non material things, and you will be thankful for your hard work, and dedication to your cause.