Does Aldi sell almond milk?

Does Aldi sell almond milk?  Can you get your creamy nut on here?  See if you can pick up a half gallon container here!

Can you get your almond milk from Aldi delivered to your door?

They sell two types, original and vanilla, and they frown upon listing prices of their goods.  I can tell you this, in my area, there is about a $2 difference when it comes to Aldi vs Giant, Shoppers, or Safeway when it comes to these pressed legumes!

This is fact is not uncommon if you are questioning whether you should become an Aldi shopper or not.  You will find a better deal on just about every product they sell compared to your other local supermarkets.

Aldi Recipes and Save Money Tips

I use Aldi for all of my shopping needs. I purchase a lot of pastas, meats and things for school lunch. I mostly cook easy foods such as pasta bakes, chicken roasts; things I can throw in the oven and work on something else at the time. My family seems small at first, my husband and I only have 1 child, but it’s a pain in the neck to save money on groceries. That’s where Aldi comes in.

You might be wondering just how much I save and let me tell you, the difference is surprising. At a regular grocery store such as Dominicks or Target, I may spend up to $100 on a small quantity of items. Just snack foods will rack up the bill fast and snack foods seem to be all my husband responds to after work. At this discounted supermarket I’m able to save by buying store brand foods as well as foods in bulk. It’s no Costco, but it does save me about 100-200 monthly if I keep a close eye on my cart.

My job pays well; enough so to leave me with some extra money to put into savings, but it’s not enough sometimes. To save more money, I’ve given into the temptation of coupons. I used to scoff at the idea of coupons, or rather, was afraid that I would hold up the line at the grocery store if I used too many. However, they’re a godsend. Usually, the coupons are garbage and are only good for items you won’t need. But if you keep a close eye on them and pounce when you see a good deal, they can come in handy. My child hasn’t yet passed the threshold of puberty where meals are increased, and their stomach is nothing but a bottomless pit, yet she still loves her snacks. Shopping with coupons gives me some leeway with items such as chips and fruit leathers. Doubling that with shopping at Aldi, I’m able to save a few bucks which goes a long way at the end of the month or during an emergency. Along with those money-saving strategies, I make some side money by working on mturk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate to large earnings as some “requesters” as they call themselves do ask for more than what they’re willing to pay for but putting in the hours when I can allow me to save up just in case. Along with mturk, I’ve also started writing for blogs and news sites. You’d be surprised just how much people will pay for a well thought out and eloquently written opinion. Of course, between mturk and writing, my time is stretched thin, but it makes a world of difference when an emergency pops up and I have money to fall back on. Finding the time to bust out a few hits on mturk along with writing a few saucy opinions coupled with shopping store brand exclusive at Aldi saves me both money and peace of mind.