Does Aldi carry ricotta cheese?

Does Aldi carry ricotta cheese? Do they sell the missing ingredient for your lasagna, stuffed, shells, or baked ziti recipe? You're in luck, they do!  You won't find the big 2 pound tubs but they do sell a 16 ounce container of both whole milk and part-skim varieties.

Where can you find it in the store?  You can locate it in the open refrigerated section.  In my local store the cheese section is at the back of the store between the salad section and the fresh Take N' Bake pizza.

How much does it cost? It will vary per state, and in Silver Spring, MD, at the time I am writing this page you can grab one for $1.69.  This has been the steady price for the past year but it is always subject to change.

How does that compare to the other supermarkets in the area?  Here is the price at some the competing grocers.

Giant Food - store brand $2.99

Shoppers Food Warehouse - store brand

Safeway - store brand