Are Aldi products good?

Are Aldi products good?  If you want to know what our readers said when we asked this question you need to read this!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to chime in here! My wife and I shop at Aldi's foods. I'm not sure how much it saves us, but we go to the closest one near our house that's about a 5 minute drive on a Sunday morning. It is very convenient!

We shop there once a week and like to buy staple foods like rice, beans, eggs and bacon that we can cook in batches.  We then meal prep and freeze some of it to be used throughout the week. But are there products good?

I can honestly say, their food items are better than our local supermarkets, in my opinion.  The vegetables are fresher and the meats have less fat too. It's just the two of us, and we like to make burrito bowls for lunches during the week. I don't think any of our recipes are aldi specific, but we save a ton of money by not eating out, and making-ahead lunches for the week. We use to-go tupperware containers and the aforementioned burrito bowls, slow cooker chili, curry, and even sometimes just pasta spinach and meat. My personal favorite thing is to buy a whole chicken and cook that every week. You save so much when you cook it yourself, and you can break it down to use the different meat cuts however you want. Personally I love chicken salad, I eat it every day. To sum it up, shopping at Aldi helps us save money with its close location, stable prices on staple goods, and its consistency. We always know what we are going to get, and it helps us plan our week around our meals, whether it be lunch or dinner, we plan ahead!

I love to shop at "products in boxes" grocery store. Although, it is not the closest grocery store to my house, I go there at least once every week to shop. The deals are great and their brands are awesome. I shop for myself and my sister and her two kids. The kids love Aldi, too. There are a lot of snacks for their schools lunches and anything else the kids could want. I make a great shrimp alfredo dinner using their products solely. It's delicious. And you cannot beat their prices.

We were going through a tough time financially recently, but shopping at Aldi reduced our grocery bill at least 25%. The store also carries many home products, which can be very useful if you need just a few other things and don't want to make a trip to a different store. The biggest reason I choose Aldi for most of my grocery shopping (apart from low prices) is the selection of produce. The have an amazing selection of fruits and vegetables! Of course, the availability of certain items is mostly seasonal. You can get the basics for very cheap: potatoes, onions, peppers, etc. The best thing is Aldi's weekly produce pick deals. There is at least one item I want to buy each week, and the price is usually a dollar or under (depending on the item). I got 4 $1 cartons of strawberries one week. They also offer a variety of organic fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. All in all, if you are looking to save money and eat well, I would recommend Aldi!

Are Aldi products good for saving time too?

Area Aldi products good for saving time too?