Aldi Silver Spring

Aldi Silver Spring now has two locations! The first is at Plaza Del Mercado right next to LA Fitness and the second is on Georgia Ave close to I-495.

If you live in this part of Montgomery County Maryland and are looking to save money on groceries DO NOT skip these stores.  There are some things to keep in mind though. They are both set in busy locations by design, to maximize the traffic and visits from customers. But you will be driving around the parking lot looking for a space for a few minutes if you go between the hours of 5-6:30pm Monday through Friday.

I must say though, you are better off going to the one off of Layhill Road if it is not too much trouble.  Although it is right next to a gym there are a ton more spaces in this lot.  You have an actual street light to help you exit the shopping center once you are done making your purchase.

I made the mistake of trying to go take a left to go North on Georgia Ave in order to get home on a Sunday afternoon.  It took me literally 5 whole minutes to be able to safely cross the 4 lanes of traffic to make that left.  I dare not think about how long it would have taken if I attempted to make that same left turn on a weekday evening!

Don't get your "quick exit" hopes up too high yet.  Although there is a light at the exit if you leave the Plaza Del Mercado closest to CVS Pharmacy it very crowded during rush hour as well.  The longest I have waited is 3 lights in order to leave that way. Yes, three lights!  I have found if you leave the opposite way, closest to LA Fitness, you will definitely be able to turn left or right within the time it takes for 1 light to pass at the other exit.

In order to avoid the confusion, they are now calling the one on Bel Pre Road the "Aspen Hill" store and they one on Georgia Avenue the Aldi Silver Spring location.  They had to make their names a little different in order to separate them in people's minds. But make no mistake, they both sell the same exact items, and for the most part, the same exact prices.

I don't know if you have ever been blessed with having an Aldi's open on your area but there are certain discounts you will get at the launch. They will hand out coupons for their store, like $10 off of a $50 purchase, and a dozen of eggs for as little as .79 cents. The coupons go away after the first couple of months and the egg prices creep up to a comparable level with other local grocers when the one year mark approaches.

I have lived through this myself after they grand opening in my neighborhood almost two years ago.  But hands down this supermarket still saves me more money each week than if I shopped at other local stores.  This is even with coupons taken in to account.

Which Aldi is hiring?

Do you know which Aldi is hiring? Well, the Silver Spring Bel Pre store has had their staple of employees for some time now.  You may have better luck if you apply to the store on Georgia Ave.  

If you don't mind travelling a bit, or live in this area, Aldi Rockville is hiring now!  They are opening a new location at 1501 Rockville Pike.  This area is also known as North Bethesda.  They will occupy the space that used to home HH Gregg in the same shopping center as Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Both are in the Congressional North Plaza and the zip code is 20852.

This store will probably follow suit as the other grand openings have done near me.  So when the doors open they usually offer store coupons for the first few weeks.  An example would be $10 off of $40 spent in store the following week.

Also, the eggs and milk will start off at a very low price too.  At the Aspen Hill/Bel Pre store they initially charged .79 cent and then slowly crept up to the $1.79 it is as of today.