Aldi Quarter Keeper Keychain

The Aldi quarter keeper keychain can help make sure you are never stuck outside the doors of the store not able to get a cart!  Finally got a shipment to my local market in Silver Spring, MD.

I had been hearing about these little life savers for months now but I never saw them in the aisles.  I know there are people who sell them on Etsy and Ebay but I didn't think is was really necessary.

Then one day I pulled in to the parking lot of Plaza Del Mercado after work for a quick run in and run out trip.  They don't have any hand carts so I knew I'd better get a buggy just in case I wanted more than a few items.

I look in my wallet and I have tons of change...but not a single .25 cent piece. I end up having to go in the store with no wagon, grabbing to of their bags at the register and proceeding to shop and hold all of my items in hand until I was done shopping and able to place them on the belt to purchase.  It was not fun.

Every since that experience I was sure to make sure I keep at least one quarter on hand but it still takes time to fumble through my purse to find it.  So this little keepsake is a time saver and cute to boot!  The one I bought was supposed to represent soccer I think but we are a basketball household so it wil be a basketball for us.