Aldi Open Hours

What are Aldi open hours from Sunday to Saturday?  What time can you shop their awesome deals today? This supermarket giant is open from 8am to 9pm every single day of the week now in Silver Spring, MD.  You will find this to be true for most of their US based locations on the East Coast.

Aldi Open Hours are from 8AM to 9PM Sunday through Saturday in the US

So what time does Aldi open today?  If you live in Maryland on the East Coast like me then you could start shopping at eight in the morning every day of the week. Now once you get to the Midwest, Northwest and West Coast things are a little different.  For example, in Houston, TX the times you can shop are from 9am to 9pm Sun. to Sat.  In Bellevue, NE they run from nine in the morning to eight at night every day of the week.  But the grocery marts in California run on the same hours as the East Coast from nine am to nine pm daily.

More Ways Aldi Shoppers Save Money

Are you a stay at home mom trying to save money and feed a family full of kids? What about someone who is recently divorced and can barely pay your bills? Are you literally anyone who is trying to save or earn some extra money?

If you said yes to any of the above, which you most likely did, then I have some simple ways that you can accomplish at the very least feeding yourself and or family month to month without having to dip into your savings or other income sources. That's right, you are practically eating for free just from earning some extra money on the side and choosing to shop at Aldi over other grocers (far and away the best savings you can find and most budget friendly grocer, in my experience at least).

I would like it to be clear I am not just a random person giving advice on something I don't know about, I personally use or have used all of the strategies I am about to outline, and I have used them to great success to pay for far more than just groceries. My main side income source right now is through Amazons FBA service using something called retail arbitrage, or simply reselling. What I will do when I am shopping for food at my local Aldi is scan items as I go through the store and if they are selling for more on Amazon I will buy them and send it in for Amazon to sell. I am practically getting paid to shop and usually can cover my whole shopping trip using just this simple strategy. The big key for me here is choosing Aldi over other stores as I am able to find the lowest prices here. However you can branch out to more than just Amazon. While it doesn't work as well for perishables, there are plenty of other items you can find to sell on Ebay for a hefty profit that will add up quick.

To give you an example, I went to Aldi yesterday and I ended up scanning about 100 items, 60 of which I bought to resell on Amazon. I made $84.23 in profit doing that which more than covered the $50 I spent on groceries during that trip!

If you try this out and find success and are wishing to make even more money doing this then let me let YOU in on a little secret I've found. Yard sales. Yes that's right, people selling off unwanted items is a haven for making extra money. These people often don't know how much these items are worth, but you do! I will go to a couple of yard sales a week and find items that are selling for a ton online and simply resell them on Amazon or Ebay. Just last week I found a board game for a $1 that I ended up reselling for $27.99, that is almost a 28 times return on ROI.

No matter your situation there are always tons of alternative ways you can make money simply by either following my advice, or thinking outside the box and coming up with your own strategies.