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Becoming an employee for the Aldi franchise offers many benefits that not too many people are aware of. First off, their average employees make around twelve dollars per hour depending on where you live. That's much higher than the federal minimum wage average.

The highest for entry level employees can reach up to almost twenty dollars per hour like here in Maryland. That, off the bat, is a benefit within itself. It also offers competitive employee benefit packages. Any employee that qualifies and receives these benefits is entitled to medical coverage, dental insurance, and 401(K) retirement plans, given the right circumstances.

Employees also receive paid vacation, as well as paid holidays off from work. Not to mention they of course offer career advancement should you choose to stay with the company, which, would seem appropriate to do given the various benefits you would be getting from working at an Aldi location. It is important to keep in mind that you must be 18 to apply for a position at an Aldi's location.

Aldi actually originated in 1946 in Germany. It was a "Mom and Pop shop" as some would often refer to it today. It was run by brothers in Germany, Karl and Theo Albrecht after they took the shop off of their mother's hands.

It quickly became popular once local residents began to realize how cheap the prices they were selling goods for were. They also offered various sales at many points of the month, such as buy one get one free types of sales.

Unfortunately, the two brothers began to argue over whether the Aldi franchise should participate in selling cigarettes back in 1960.  This led to them splitting the ownership of half the stores to each of them, that is, each of them got to continue to run an equal amount of locations, and were free to decide whether or not they were going to participate in the selling of cigarettes at their stores.

Aldi Nord, which operates in Northern Germany, was now run by Theo. Meanwhile, Aldi Sud, which was run in the southern parts of Germany, was now run by Karl. Aldi Sud, Karl's branch of Aldi locations, began to blossom, and soon he was able to bring locations into the United Kingdom. In 1990 the first Aldi location opened up in the United Kingdom. Soon, it will open its 500th location in the United Kingdom. Though Karl is now in his nineties, he is ranked the richest man in Germany by Forbes.

Aldi Application Questions

Now that you have a little back history on the company let's go deeper.  Next is the Aldi application itself.  Here are some commonly asked questions.

  • How much do Aldi cashiers make an hour?  This ranges based on your area.  In Montgomery County Maryland the starting pay is $13.25 per hour.
  • How much does an Aldi store manager make?  This will also vary by location but in Silver Spring, MD they start off earning $18 an hour.
  • Does Aldi drug test?  Yes, you will be required to take a drug test during the hiring process if your application is chosen.
  • Does Aldi hire felons? No, they do not.