Aldi Jacksonville FL

Where is the Aldi Jacksonville FL location?  What products should you buy and what should you stay away from?  Come see!

Aldi Jacksonville FL

I shop at the store Aldi about once a month, the rest of the time I shop at Walmart because it is the closest and cheapest while still maintaining quality. My favorite recipe includes Aldi Parkview cheesy sausage mixed with sweet onions, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes, all mixed and sauteed together and eaten perhaps with white rice or a roll of bread.

I will either get the produce from Aldi if it looks good or Walmart if they have a sale. Aldi's produce here is very hit or miss with the quality. I've had avocados mold in three days and other items not keep past four days. I've learned if I'm cooking with Aldi produce, it needs to be bought and cooked the same day. Their meats, the chicken specifically, is low quality cuts and very hard to cut. The cheese smells a bit off as well, especially the low-fat versions. That is not to say they are without anything good!

Their affordable off-brand healthy snack packs are great, as are their ALDIFINDS Chocolate Pretzels. The marinara cheese is delicious and I've never had a problem with their Mama Cozzi pizzas. The ALDIFINDS are alright, but it still feels like someone slapped a normal grocery stores' brands in the middle of the aisle and they're treated as a novelty with normal store prices. The canned veggies and anything dried (the Hawaiian beef jerky especially!) are all excellent and keep very well. The store is clean and people are quick to get in and out and the parking lot is nice.

The only time Walmart wins is in variety and pricing. I use rebate apps and coupons - none of which are available at Aldi as they do not allow coupons there and there are no apps that support Aldi as a rebate partner since they have so many private label brands. I can usually get most basics lower at Walmart, except for necessities such as paper towels and toilet paper, which is the same quality for cheaper at Aldi sometimes.

Walmarts are busier and more stressful whereas Aldi is very laid back. I equally enjoy both stores, especially since Aldi just recently opened near us. Now that we've had it there for a while the novelty has worn off and I am able to see what I really like about the store. Both are fine to use but sometimes I don't mind having a bit more variety with products and Aldi does not carry certain name brand products I already like, and they do not have a copycat version of it either. My Aldi is in Jacksonville, Florida and is open 9am to 9pm and closes at 8pm on Sundays.