Aldi hours

Aldi hours - are they open today and when do they close?  This discounted supermarket is open from 9am to 9pm from Sunday through Saturday.  So on Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sun., the doors open at nine in the morning and close at nine at night.

I shop at my local Aldi store. I find them very convenient and very friendly there, and they definitely save me money on my food bills. It is only about 5 minutes away from my house, so it is an easy commute to get there and back home with my car full of groceries.

One thing I like to make from their supermarket is a meat and peas and pasta dish. I use a can of their canned peas, a box of pasta, a can of tomato sauce, and ground beef. I cook the ground beef in the sauce and serve it hot with the cooked pasta and peas. It is tasty and affordable to make for the whole family, so I would recommend checking out that recipe for sure.

I would say shopping at Aldi saves me at least $50 a week on groceries, maybe more. The prices on their canned and boxed goods are much lower and makes it so much more affordable to be able to give my family vegetables at a decent price.

My family is 5 people, so we need a lot of food and good sized portions every night. Shopping for things at this grocery store really helps me to get food on the table for reasonable prices without breaking the bank. I think I do a good job at staying as healthy as I can, as well.

Other ways to make money on the side is definitely babysitting or being a nanny. If you are a new stay at home mom and you need some side cash, find a family who wouldn't mind you bringing your baby over while you baby sit. Some families love the interaction between your child and their children.

If you can watch someone else's child or children during the day with your baby along with you, you can easily make around $80-$100 a day. Childcare is expensive! Definitely take advantage of the price that people pay for quality childcare. You will position yourself as a trustworthy, fellow mom, with more reasonable rates that they can trust. 

You can use the fact that you would be bringing your child along as a positive. It promotes social interaction, gives someone a playmate, and teaches sharing and responsibility.  You will be able to offer their child more personal attention as opposed to the daycare setting.  If you have a smartphone you could also offer daily lunchtime/facetime with their child. It will all be in the way you spin it.

Dog walking is also something else you can do on the side. You can buy those baby carriers or slings and you can walk dogs while you have your baby to your chest. I would not suggest working this side job with other people's children though.  It is just too risky.

People work for long periods of times and often just want people to stop in and walk their dog and give them a few treats while they are at work. Sometimes people need to leave their dog with someone for an overnight. This can pay anywhere from $40-$80 a night depending on the size and breed of dogs and its needs.

This is easily done if you are a new stay at home mom. You'll have a fluffy friend around at night that you actually get paid for having! If you go the dog walking route, it's also good to get outside and get that fresh air and exercise. It will help you to get even more energy to take care of your new little one.

Hopefully you can fit these side jobs in within Aldi hours with a little time to spare.  They will lock those doors and shut you out at 9pm on the dot!  I learned that the hard way one day.  But you really can't blame them.  How many people would like to stay late after work ringing up groceries from a belt?  After all, they still have to clean the store before they can leave for the night.