Aldi hours Sunday

Aldi hours Sunday - do they open later and close earlier today?  Let's find out shall we? Keep in mind I am local to Maryland, but our markets here have the same schedule every day of the week.  This would be 9AM to 9PM Sun. through Sat.

Aldi Shoppers Tips

I absolutely love shopping at Aldi's! Aldi's is a grocery store that sells non name brand items. Because the items are not name brand, they can afford to price their items at a much lower price than the average grocery store. They are especially known for their ""cheap"" produce! I will admit that at times their produce is less than desirable, however, many times it is fresh and wonderful! I have actually noticed in the past year or so that their produce is usually always fresh. In fact, many times they are actually sold out by they time I get there so I'm guessing more people are catching onto the savings that Aldi's provides. For instance, in the fall they will regularly have 3 lb. bags of apples for $1.49! At a national grocery store chain, those same 3 lb. would never go below $3. A loaf of bread is regularly $0.85 of nice whole wheat bread, whereas the national grocery store is $1.29 for a small, cheap loaf.


An easy meal using Aldi's ingredients that I like to prepare is spaghetti. Their sauce is regularly just over $1 a jar and of course their noodles are cheap too! A bag of salad is less than $1 and if I choose, I can add some frozen garlic toast to the side.

Shopping at Aldi saves my family quite a bit of money because I don't have to bother with coupons or the time it takes to play that game. There are 8 people in my family so saving money on groceries is huge! I am incredibly thankful that Aldi's exists and that my entire family loves their food.

I will admit that not everything at Aldi's tastes as great as the same name brand item, but those items are few and far between and Aldi is coming out with more and more food items everyday. I will also say that it is a bit of a learning curve having to bring a quarter to get a shopping cart, bag your own groceries, and return your shopping cart, but that is why Aldi can keep their prices so low...they don't have to pay workers to do those things. I can imagine this might make shopping at Aldi more difficult for those who do need more help.

Aldi's also has an amazing selection of baby items! So for the new mom choosing to stay home, this is a lifesaver! No need to play the coupon game with diapers and baby food. Diapers at Aldi are around $0.10 or less! Their baby food selection is small but nice and affordable too. It's also organic! They actually sell many organic items and all at an affordable price! Actually, a huge plus for me and my family is the fact that they use zero food dyes in any of their foods! It is so nice to not have to worry about that or have to pay extra for our health.

Shopping at Aldi is one of the number 1 things you can do to save money. Grocery prices keep going up, but Aldi's food prices are priced to save you money. For anyone that is looking to lower their grocery budget, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Aldi's!"