Aldi Delivery

Aldi Delivery - how to get your groceries right to your door?  We give you the steps to take to set it up here.

Shoppers Tips on Saving and Making Money


I shop at Aldi's in Ohio. I normally stick to boxed foods, milk and eggs. I used to buy meats there, but I've had quite a few bad experiences where I had to return rotten meat that was nowhere near the expiration date. I've bought chicken legs there that looked more like turkey legs.

It's important to be aware of what you are eating too. Quality matters. Aldis is really good for foods like crackers, raisins, chips, milk, eggs, canned beans--because other than beans, I don't do cans--, some produce, and grains like rice or oats. If you do used cans, they are the best for canned goods. A box of crackers in Aldi's is 1.19 and those same crackers are $3 at other stores. They do stale faster though, but if you use them faster, there's no issue.

Produce at this store is great, but watch what you buy.  The bananas will go from green to black without ever getting yellow.  Many of the products were not ready to be picked yet. This is not always the case though. You can get great deals for great produce, just watch what you buy, inspect it first.

I shop at multiple stores to get the cheapest AND best quality products. There is a balance between the two. Sometimes foods are cheap, but they are not good or even unhealthy. You save the best money by shopping at multiple stores and getting what's on sale at each store.

Be careful of buying foods not on sale at one store because you will go to the next store and it will be on sale there. There is no point in going to multiple stores to save a few bucks if you are going to overpay for something at one of them, so keep that in mind while shopping.

I have 9 people in my home and save a lot from going to Aldis. The foods I buy from Aldi's are almost double--if not more--at other stores.Also, be careful in Aldi's too, you can get some items cheaper elsewhere too. In the end, they're all the same. You have to pick and choose what you want from multiple stores like playing the stock market with multiple stocks.

You can make money at home on Mturk on the side or advertise cleaning services in your neighborhood. Mturk is a waste of time, but if you are home bound--children, disabled etc,,--it is better than nothing. You will only make about $20 a day doing jobs that pay too low like 500 words for  a measly $1.25, but if you can't leave the house, it's better than nothing.

If you don't have young children or are not disabled, get a job. Clean houses on the side. Get on your neighborhood sites and offer to do jobs like care for your neighbor's cat or children. You'll make better money working as a bagger in a grocery store than on MTurk so keep that in mind. Shop at Aldi's where you walk out with a few bags of food for $20. Bring your own bags and a quarter for your cart. Good luck!

Shopper #2

Aldi is a great grocery store if you are trying to save a bit of cash. I used to go there when we lived in Tucker, Georgia. You can get cans of food for super cheap. Just remember that you have to pay in order to use a cart, and I wouldn't recommend getting the meat or other fresh items there. With a family of five I was able to save about a $100 a week shopping at Aldis.

Another way that I would cut costs is by cooking completely at home. There are several low cost meals that will feed a large family. I tend to like breakfast foods for dinner or sticking a few items in the crockpot in the morning. Sandwiches are great for the in between time. Turn it into a game of how low of cost you can make different meals that still have nutritional value. I would highly recommend that you plan out a week worth of menus before going shopping to prevent yourself from spending money on unnecessary items. You would be surprised how quickly those $1 items add up.

If you need some extra money and cutting little things out isn't going to make up the difference, try doing mturking while you are at home with some free time. It doesn't pay great, but it's legitimate and might provide and extra $10 a day to help out with expenses.  The longer that you do it, the more you will be able to make in an hour. The best part is that you can do it at home, and it can be done completely around your other obligations. I would recommend installing the scripts on your computer and being very careful with whose hits you accept when you are first starting. A rejection of your work can mean a lot.

Another way to make some cash is to try selling them on Craigslist. I love craigslist because the people end up coming to you to get the item. So, if you have a couch you need to get rid of, they are the ones that have to lift and remove it from your house. It makes it very convenient for someone who is selling passively.

If you have a large amount that you need to get rid of, do a garage sale to make some immediate cash. Make sure that you advertise it well. I have been surprised in the past with how much people have made in a well planned out garage sale. Sometimes neighborhoods do it all on the same day; so, find out what your community has set in place.

Next,  I save money by buying in bulk. You would be amazed how much this saves you with meat for future meals. I can buy a thing of chicken for $10 that will last my family of 5 for 4 meals. That's a significant savings for protein. Shop the sales, and when meat is low, stock up.

Finally, every summer, I grow a garden and freeze the items that I can't eat immediately. This saves a significant amount on fresh produce and things like jam, sauces, etc. I hope that these suggestions help you with you change in life circumstances.

Shopper #3

I have never shopped at Aldi but I have heard of it. I am from New York so I am not sure if we just do not have it over here. Therefore, I cannot comment on their food or the products that they have. However, I do shop at a place called Acme. Similar to Aldi, they are a large grocery store and a place that tries to gives me solid discounts. This helps as I did not realize how expensive grocery shopping was until I started doing it myself. When it comes to making more money on the side, or from home, I do a lot of things.

First and foremost, I am big into reselling. The idea of buying something and flipping it for more money resonates a great deal with me. It helps to be able to do this and the higher price you are able to sell something for, the more profit you will make. That is reselling 101. For many years now, myself and my brother have spent a lot of time reselling all different kinds of things. Shoes are the main things that we resell. Being in New York, there is a large opportunity to resell hyped gear. Buying something and flipping it for 50-75% margins is very common for us. We have built up a client list and try to maintain a good reputation with all of our buyers. Also, MTurk has proven to be very helpful for me when it comes to making money from home. I make okay money using MTurk and it allows me a little bit of relief when paying the bills at the end of the month.

What I have learned is that you do not need every little thing that you think about and that cooking is much cheaper than eating out all the time. The quicker you realize that and wrap your head around it, the better it will be for you. To get ahead in life, it require doing things that others are not willing to do. Time is money and the more time that you devote to something, the more you can get paid for it. That is how the world works for the ones that are not supremely talented in whatever it is that they do.

Talent gets paid but people who put in the work and the time will get rewarded through monetary values as well. I have always felt that many people are just waiting for something to happen for them that will change their lives for the better. For me, life does not work like that. It is not always fair and just because you are a good person does not mean you will be rewarded. You need to work hard, save your money, invest it, and think differently than the average person. This is broad information but it is the only way in which you can get ahead. Though things like grocery shopping are small, they can make a big impact on someone's earning potential.