Are there Aldi coupons?

Are there Aldi coupons out there?  Do they take they take clippings from other manufacturer's?  See if you can get a discount here!

I love to shop at my local supermarket. There are some problems with shopping there but they are easily navigable. First of all, Aldi does not take coupons but they have weekly specials that start every Wednesday.

If the weekly specials from the week before have not sold out you can usually find these at a large discount but be aware that they may not be marked. Also keep an eye out for bakery products that are about to expire because these items will be marked down on the “sell by” date up to 50% off of the original price.

Shopper 1 - Is the trip worth it even with no Aldi coupons? 

One reason Aldi coupons are not a common thing is because they don't carry most of the name brand products.  They have their  own brand and I'm happy to say that these brands are perfectly good.

A lot of them are German brands that we are just not familiar with in the United States. I buy all of my eggs, canned foods, butter, cheese, lunch meat, crackers, breads, bagged salads, bacon, frozen pizzas, chickens, and frozen potatoes, flour, sugar, oil, and fresh fruits and vegetables at Aldis. That said, sometimes you can't find what you are looking for so you'll have to go to another store to find that.

Lamb, for instance, or more exotic fruits and vegetables often aren't available. But, all in all, they have a great selection of all of the basics that any family needs to keep a well-stocked pantry. If you do decide to shop there even if there are no Aldi coupons please do remember to bring plenty of grocery bags and a quarter for the shopping cart deposit which you will get back when you return the cart. The lack of bags and the minimal staff they operate with allows them to offer their low prices.

There is also a grocery store near me called Winn Dixie where the butcher puts deeply discounted meat out around 10 am most weekday mornings. Before I go to Aldi's I will swing by the Winn Dixie and make a beeline straight for the discount meat case where I've found 5 pound whole hams for as little as 2 dollars, packages of steaks for one and 2 dollars, and whole chickens for 2 dollars. I've also found packages of premium hot dogs and premium bacon brands for 2 dollars a piece. I will walk out of the store sometimes with 180.00 worth of meat and have spent 57 dollars.

While I'm there I will also pick up the things that Aldi doesn't have, like boysenberry jam or name brand ketchup for example, and use my coupons for items that my family needs. I have learned to never buy home products at the grocery store.

I use a dollar store like Dollar General, or the Dollar Tree to pick up sundry items like dish washing detergent, paper products, cleaning items, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and pain relief medicine. The prices at Dollar General are typically much lower than even the sale prices at the grocery stores, and unless you have really great coupons, I'd suggest always buying sundry products from dollar stores.

One last suggestion for saving money is to look for farmer's markets. Some of the produce items can be quite costly but there is always something local in season that you can snatch up fresh and haggle with the seller for a discount. I view saving money as sort of a treasure hunt and I enjoy it immensely. 

Shopper 2 - Is the trip worth it even with no Aldi coupons?

If you are looking to shop at Aldi’s, you will be pleased with the amount of bargains that you will find. This is a great store to shop at if you are on a budget. One thing to keep in mind though, is that they do NOT accept coupons. They offer everyday low prices, so even without coupons, you will not break the bank.

Aldi’s carries their own brands which they sell at low prices. So, while one may find a few brand name items, using traditional manufacture’s coupons is almost impossible. For example, if you have a coupon for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, chances are, you will not find Hellmann’s mayonnaise there. This is not a bad thing though. Their brands have a good taste and quality.

Also, if you visit their website, you can sign up for e-mails showing weekly specials. They always have items marked down to a lower cost. I am a fanatic with coupons and free items. Here is how I save money and incorporate Aldi’s into my household shopping. - Go to a dollar store on Sunday and buy the maximum amount of newspapers. (my store has a limit of four newspapers), and clip every coupon. Also, make sure you have the mobile apps for the store you visit. Most of them have their own digital coupons in addition to the manufacturer’s coupons. - Make sure you receive all of the weekly store ads and compare the sale items with the coupons you have. I visit several stores per week and stockpile the sale items. If a can of soup is on sale for $1.00 and I have four $1.00 coupons, I just received 4 can of soup for free. While the amounts aren’t exact, you can understand how this is done. Just because you may not need an item this week, stockpile your pantry. - I go to Aldi’s for all of the items my family needs for the week that I can’t find for a lower price at another store using sales and coupons. The prices on their dairy products are amazing, and they are good. A gallon of milk is approximately $2.36 per gallon. I can usually fill my cart up more than half full for about $50.00. - Another trick I suggest would be to go to Dollar General if you have one. Download their mobile app and all the digital coupons. Usually on Saturday, they also have a $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase coupon that you can use in addition to their other digital coupons. I use this store for household cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, etc.. I usually end up with about $30.00 worth of stuff for about $15.00. - Sign up for freebie sites on social media. They will advise you when a company is offering coupons for a free product. Just this week I redeemed a coupon for a full size Dial body wash, a bottle of juice and a box of tampons. - One last non coupon related idea is to search the internet for instant win games. These are instant win sweepstakes that will tell you if you have won or lost the minute after you play. These can be played everyday. While you will usually end up with more losses than wins, there are great prizes to be won. I have won an iPad, A Sony sound bar, food items such as a case of Oreos and multiple gift cards such as Visa and Amazon just to name a few. - In addition to coupons and saving money, I have a viral video on You Tube that generates monthly income. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online. There are literally tons of ways to save money. While some may question the time it takes to go to multiple stores and search for sales, versus the money saved, I would never question it. The money I save puts more food and other items into my home every week. It has become a hobby for me, and I enjoy teaching other people how to save. Being on a budget is tough. Might as well make it fun and interesting. Happy couponing!