Aldi commercial Is that my...

Aldi commercial is that my...(choker, ring in your nose).  If you found this scene hilarious you have to see what people are saying about it here!

In this advertisement the lady is comparing the macaroni and cheese sold by Aldi to a comparable big name brand.  The supermarket chain prides themselves on the ability to save you money and still deliver high quality products.  I am a personal fan and totally agree with them!

People want to know who is the actress?  There names are Laura Siegel and Leslie-Anne Huff.  Laura Siegel is the actress with the red hair sitting on the sofa and Leslie-Ann Huff is the roommate standing up who stomps out when she loses the "battle of words".

Aldi Commercial Is that my...

Here is how the conversation goes...

Girl #1: I like this organic mac and cheese.  And I like this organic mac and cheese.

Girl #2: Is that my mac and cheese?

Girl #1: Is that my belt?

Girl #2: Is that my perfume?

Girl #1: Is that my bronzer?

Girl #2: Is that my choker?

Girl #1: Is that MY choker?

Girl #2: Are those my bangs from three years ago?

Girl #1: Is that my earring in your nose? (Girl #2 storms out of the room)

Girl #1: Winning tastes sooo good!

Then the voice over actress Robyn Moler comes in over the scene and says, "You'll like the both, but love our price. Award winning organic mac and cheese from Aldi, simply smarter shopping".