Aldi closing times

Looking for Aldi closing times near you?  Find out if you can catch them tonight or if you should put off your trip until tomorrow here!

Can you catch them before they close today?

This international supermarket chain keeps the basic setup the same and all of their stores are pretty similar.  I'm Andrea and I live in Montgomery County Maryland in the USA.  So, in my area, most of the stores shut their doors at 9pm from Monday to Saturday.  Aldi closing times on Sunday is a little earlier.  So where I live they close at 7pm.  Be super careful on the holidays though.  The supermarket near me has been closed on holidays that most of the other local grocers were open.

Now that I know you are a person that knows the value of a dime, and don't like wasting your time, I want to let you in on a little secret.  There is a shop club that I am a part of that can do both!  It is similar to a Costco membership with delivery to your door.

Since joining I have saved countless hours by not going to the store to buy things like laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain pretreatment, bath soap, dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner, vitamins, lotion, disinfectant, protein bars, you name it!  These products are eco-friendly AND do the job.  

I don't have to worry about my husband, who is allergic to just about everything, having a bad reaction to the laundry products like he did when I tried the Downy Unstopables.  The toilet bowl cleaner is so safe I have no problem making my six year old spray it and wipe up around the toilet when he"goes".  (At what age do they hit the bowl only every time?)

The bath bars are french milled, also known as triple milled, and they are amazing!  Some of the benefits of french milled soap is that it has no impurities, a creamier texture,  smoother, and lasts way longer than a "regular" bar.  Before I completely switched over to triple milled and still had some of the Lever, Caress, and Dial in the house, the pressed bars lasted almost two weeks in the shower while the others barely made it a week.

I am still pretty new to the shop club myself and have not had a chance to try all of their 400 different products yet but I am impressed with what I have used so far.  But I am saving time because I don't have to take that trip to Target, wait in line, and travel back home.  I am saving money because the products are priced to give you deep discounts and they even have a referral program if you share the club with friends! This shop club is available by invite only. If you want to try some of these products and save yourself some more dimes and time then click the pic below!