Aldi at Gateway Mall

Aldi at Gateway Mall in Brooklyn - what hours do they open and close?  You can get their operating times and some ways to save even more dimes here!  You can walk through the doors and buy your meats, dairy and veggies every single day between 9am to 9:30pm.  The street address for the store is 528 Gateway Drive.  It is a big shopping center that includes other stores such as BJ's Best Buy, JCPenny, Home Depot, Marshall's and Petco.

Aldi Shopper Tips

I did shop at Aldi grocery store when i lived in Arkansas. i recently moved but i have a lot of tips on how to shop at this store. First you should always check the produce for their weekly sales because you can get much of your produce shopping for almost nothing and this can be what you plan your meals around for the week. i have a family of four but one is exclusively  breast fed right now so only three people eat on my grocery budget. I would plan on getting all of your staples at Aldi and stay away from the snacks because they tend to be around the same price as shopping in a regular store  and they seem to be extra salty for some reason. i also dont purchase meat in Aldi stores because i found that i can get better prices elsewhere. other ways that i have found to save money include shopping for clothing at thrift stores and also shopping deep sales. Jc penny gives away ten dollars off ten dollars coupons sometimes and this is how i shop for a lot of the clothing for my children. sears also has an app for your mobile phone where you can play mini games and win point to spend online or in their stores. i stockpiled a lot of diapers this way and even purchased clothing and household goods. it is harder to find these stores around now but you can still buy things online and have them shipped to your home. i also joined a lot of consumer review panels. right now my best one is for shark/ninja products where i was sent a really nice shark vacuum to try out and keep. a good idea is if you have a goodwill outlet near your home as well you can go get clothing by the pound and resell some of it online. i made 75 dollars on a pair of pants once selling them on ebay. i come across a lot of other name brands such as calvin klein and joes jeans when i shop there. it is a lot of digging through stuff and you will need to bring gloves to protect yourself but it is totally worth it. you may even find clothes with the tags still on it and you can demand top dollar! i have found many like that. another good way to make extra money if you have access to a cell phone is download survey apps and complete a few surveys while you wait in line at the grocery store or while you watch tv. for the most part they are easy and there are quite a few apps that pay very well. for example pinecone research pays 3 dollars a survey and they are reasonably short for what they pay you. just make sure that when you are doing surveys you are paid an appropriate amount of money for the amount of work you are putting in because when you are doing this type of work time is money. especially when you have children. if you want to save money on child care you can also look at your school district and see if they offer after school programs. my son goes to an after school program and we only have to pay 50 dollars a month and they keep him for three hours after school is over its wonderful!